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Robert was born and raised in the Metro Omaha area. Working as the Manager of Business support at OrthoNebraska, Robert oversees plant operations, facilities, information technology, information security, physical security, safety. Including the management of snow removal contracts, maintaining current infrastructure, and supporting multiple construction projects as OrthoNebraska continues to build facilities around the Omaha Metro area. Among other committees and responsibilities Robert serves as the service branch director on the hospital incident command team, coordinating the communities' response to Covid-19.

Omaha Entertainment and Arts awards - Board Member
Our mission is to enhance our community by planning and producing an annual awards event that uniquely recognizes the performing arts, visual arts, and live music of the Omaha area. With all-star talent and red carpet prestige, the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards offers a memorable evening, thanks to the artists who keep Omaha culture alive.

Omaha Free Speech Society - Member

The Free Speech Society is a non-partisan forum guided by principles of non-confrontational debate with a focus on listening and discerning, valuing the input of all.

The group meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Robert has a proactive role with the Omaha Free Speech society. Actively attending meetings, helping organizers determine topics, identifying speakers, and promoting the monthly events. Interacting with people in free speech society who currently hold elected offices helped inspire Robert to run for City Council.


Letter to the City

November 30, 2020,


To: City of Omaha

Elizabeth Butler


When I read the City of Omaha's District 5 city council seat would be available, it caught my attention as an opportunity to further serve the community outside of healthcare. I am writing today to express my interest in the District 5 City Council seat.


I love Omaha. This City and the people have been good to me. I have a great career doing something that I enjoy. I have four children, and I am not sure I could have found a better place to raise them. Omaha has good schools, the cost of living is relatively low, we feel safe in our communities for the most part, and in my opinion, there are opportunities for all to succeed no matter their background.


Another positive attribute for Omaha is its accessibility. Opportunities exist for anyone who has the passion and commitment to get involved in having a significant impact on the equality of life in Omaha, not just for themselves but for the entire community.


Born in Bellevue, NE, I was raised in a military family. My Father served twenty-two years active duty Airforce, another fifteen as civilian working for the government. Love for our country, integrity, and character were principles embedded into my childhood from an early age.


I have spent the greater part of my adult life doing what most of us do, building a professional career. During that time, I have mostly been involved in activities and projects that somewhat mirror or support my career as an IT Professional working within the Omaha healthcare system. I have been a part of the OrthoNebraska team for ten years. I oversee plant operations, facilities, food services, environment services, information technology, and information security. Responsible for managing multi-million dollar budgets and contributing daily to a nationally recognized hospital. Among other committees and duties, I sit on the Hospital's Incident Command, providing support for the Omaha healthcare community's response to the coronavirus.  


My Wife serves the community as the Vice President of Patient Care Services at Immanuel Hospital in North Omaha. Nancy's passion for people inspires me daily.


My profession does not define me entirely. I bring much more to an organization that is looking for a committed member. My personal life has been one of creating opportunities for growth and success through imagining what is possible, being open-minded to new things, finding ways to make things better, and building relationships. I understand that working with what you have can be the key to success. If given the opportunity to serve the City of Omaha, I recognize a public trust between the local government and its constituencies. It is something I intend to take seriously.


I am prepared to do more. As I noted earlier, there are many good things about Omaha, but of course, it is not perfect. I feel that I can make a difference in a positive way. I want to play a more active role in making Omaha an even better place, a place where all of us can grow and feel uninhibited by artificial geographic barriers.


As a lifelong resident, I understand the basic ongoing challenges of the City related to snow removal, public safety, potholes, waste removal. In my opinion, the current city council and Mayor Stothert has served the City well and stayed true to Omaha values. If given the opportunity, I will serve the City with honesty, integrity, and authenticity. 


After seeking the advice of several members of the Nebraska/Omaha political class, I was instructed by many to remove all of my social media accounts and recreate them to manicure them specifically for the purpose of being elected to office. Changing who I am for who I think people want me to be is not something I am willing to do to "win". I want the people to know who I am; I am a flawed, honest, hardworking native of Omaha who brings a high level of integrity and transparency to everything I do. 


I am currently an active Board member of Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards (OEAA). From my perspective, the arts play a vital role in our community, promoting social consciousness and economic growth. It has been shown that communities that expose its students to a vibrant "art scene" and the creativity inherent in that exposure enhance their academic performance.


I appreciate and value our two-party representative democracy. However, I am not interested in partisan politics. I believe the value of a public servant comes from listening to understand people. To then take that understanding, develop a solution, and provide the tools people can use to affect their own stories. I am a pragmatist with a penchant for compromise with those that have different views. A combination that has allowed me to work among diverse sets of people while driving progress forward. That same combination coupled with honesty and work ethic will make me successful in representing the residents of District 5 and overall working with my colleagues on the City Council to continue advancing Omaha as one of the greatest Cities in the United States of America.






 Robert Wagner


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