My commitment to you

Guiding Principles:

As a member of Omaha City Council I will represent its citizens not my own agenda. I believe in a representative government.

When an elected official can provide leadership, and convince voters of the merit of an idea, a solution, a development project, and provide a fiscally responsible budget, I believe that is my job as an elected official.

If what I want differs from what my constituents want, I feel that I must vote for what the citizens want; that my role is to lead and gain consensus, both among stakeholders and other elected representatives on the city council, but not at the expense of, or indifference to, those who elect me to the city council.


It is my job to get the public reliable information and analysis, and openly communicate with you, with respect as stakeholders.

I will make myself available to the public at a minimum weekly, (more if demand requires it) on zoom during the pandemic and in person after the pandemic to talk openly about issues concerning each and every person in District 5.  



Right now we have a need for calm, moderate, voices that reflect the sensible nature of most Omaha voters. A pragmatic common sense approach with a willingness to appreciate different perspectives is how we drive progress forward.

Public Safety

Public safety is the most important task for City Council

Public safety has to be a top priority. In Omaha, we are fortunate to have exceptional police and fire service. We need to continue investing in the men and women who have the courage to be first on the scene. Ensure proper training is evaluated and continually provided. Todd Schmaderer is an amazing leader and should be considered a gold standard for Police Chiefs. 

We need to invest in our communities by asking people, "What would make your community a better place to live?" Compiling those answers and then measuring progress toward achieving the stated goals for citizens. Through shared challenges and ideas, we begin to see each other as "us", we no longer talk about people as "them".  "Us" is what creating a strong community is all about.

Basic City Services

City Management 101

Executing essential city services such as trash, snow removal, and street repairs at a level acceptable to Omaha residents should always be front and center of all City Councilman's responsibilities. However, succeeding in delivering basic services should not be celebrated. It should be expected.

Pandemic Recovery

Together we will overcome

Pandemic Recovery - We have seen Covid-19 up close and we know the toll it takes on families. We need to finish the fight of Covid-19 using science. As we begin to see the light at the end of this long and lingering tunnel, even after a wide scale vaccination program has completed, we cannot forget so many people are left in challenging positions financially and  emotionally.  There will not be a one size fits all solution. We will need to work in our respective districts, we will need listen to people and come up with solutions that help everyone not just a few.

Long Term Vision

Modernizing local government by leveraging modern technology.

Technology: It is 2021, and in Omaha, we are still talking about closing the digital divide. From a technology perspective, Omaha has fallen behind other cities. A pandemic accompanied by school closures has highlighted the divide between people with technology and people without. Several proven strategies exist to overcome this barrier in an urban setting. We need to make investments toward these strategies. 

Modern cities understand how to create citizen engagement through technology.

While civic technology doesn't sound like an exciting sector, it's an area that is ready for change. All that bureaucracy everyone complains about has had a wonderful byproduct — it's collected a lot of data over the years. All of this information is or can be digitized and made actionable through mobile apps. City services could reach a new level of efficiency, saving millions of taxpayer dollars in the process — a welcome break in the face of lost revenue due to the pandemic.


Apps that let users "adopt" city property, city streets, so the city doesn't have to spend money sending personnel to tend to them. Crowdsourcing is not new; Omaha has not tapped into the resource; that is, people's will to help.

Mobile Apps that allow you to interact with the city services at every level. From courts to the DMV, register of deeds, and more.

A app that allows people to complete an application that would clear their record if they qualified and provide them a second chance, without the expense of an attorney. Saving the City of Omaha the overhead of a crowded physical courtroom. The potential advantages and efficiencies of leveraging modern technology in the court system are unlimited.


Imagine interacting on your phone with your local government as frictionless as you interact with Facebook, your insurance carrier, and every other aspect of your life.

If given the opportunity, I will drive these types of initiatives forward, modernizing local government.


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